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ProXES Chocolate takes your production to another level! We provide you the perfect machinery and engineering solutions for your specific needs. Our innovative concept for process technology suits all steps ´From Roasted Bean to Ganache´and a variety of other sweet applications.

ProXES Chocolate –
Specialist in Chocolate Processing!

With our machinery from STEPHAN and FrymaKoruma, we optimize your processing, increase efficiency and ensure best treatment of your high quality ingredients.

Our prestigious brands are well established and considered preferred suppliers in the food processing industry, each with more than 65 years of experience. As part of the ProXES Group we are combining our machinery to provide customized turnkey solutions for you. 

Our dedicated Belgian ProXES Chocolate team in the heart of Europe is specialised in machinery and equipment for chocolate processing. We cover a range of products like pralines, glazes, chocolate spreads, nut pastes, fruit pastes, marzipan, various doughs, viennoiserie and pastries. Our line concept ´From Roasted Bean to Ganache´ also includes process steps such as grinding, conching, fine grinding, ganache production and melting chocolate drops.


´From Roasted Bean to Ganache´ ProXES Chocolate Line Concept

Let´s Choc the World with ProXES Chocolates´ high-quality machinery that ensures best processing at every production step.

1. Grinding cacao nibs

Our innovative FrymaKoruma corundum stone mills are perfect for grinding your roasted cacao nibs. The desired grinding fineness can be set perfectly and easily up to 100 µm. 

2. Conching cacao paste

Conching has never been easier with our STEPHAN all-in-one processes. The fast and clean process promises you perfect conching results within only 150 minutes. The ´Artisan´ Conching is perfect for small amounts from 1 litre up to 170 litres. Our ´Industrial´ Conching ProXES Chocolate machines can process up to 1,000 litres.

3. Fine grinding your chocolate

Under perfectly controlled conditions your liquid chocolate can be fine grinded until 25 µm to give it your personal touch. Our FrymaKoruma CoBall Mill was especially designed for precision milling of chocolate coatings.

4. Ganache

Go from roasted beans to indulging ganache with our ProXES Chocolate machinery. The special STEPHAN knives and the vacuum processing ensure the most glossy ganache.